Executive Board 2018-2019

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School: Columbia College 2019

Major: Mathematics & English

Hometown: San Diego, CA

This year, I’m excited... to work with an incredible team of women and help them achieve their goals!  


School: Columbia College 2019

Major: Political Science & Business Management

Hometown: Boston, MA

This year, I’m excited... to continue fostering a diverse and inclusive CWBS, while sponsoring more local community outreach initiatives!


Ellie Tsaltskan

School: Barnard College 2019

Major: Economics & English

Hometown: Marlboro, NJ

This year, I’m excited... to work with an empowering, inspiring group of women to further CWBS's initiatives on building successful networks and careers!


School: Columbia College 2020

Major: Psychology & Pre-Law

Hometown: Houston, TX

This year, I’m excited...to continue working with an amazing, diverse team of women and integrating CWBS more into the Columbia community


School: Barnard College 2021

Major: American Studies & Economics

Hometown: Rochester, NY/ Lawrence, KS

This year, I’m excited... about working with the incredible women of the CWBS community to create a conference focused on accessibility, empowerment, and preparation for a successful career in business.


School: Barnard College 2020

Major: Spanish & Latin American Cultures

Hometown: Manhasset, NY

This year, I’m excited... to plan meaningful events that foster CWBS’ goals and values. I look forward to planning professional events as well as bonding events amongst board members, committee members, and our general body to create an even stronger sense of community.


School: SEAS 2020

Major: Biomedical Engineering & Economics

Hometown: Park Ridge, NJ

This year, I’m excited... to foster relationships and partnerships between the corporate world and CWBS to create a diverse leadership network.


School: Columbia College 2020

Major: History & Business Management

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

This year, I’m excited... to jointly organize events and collaborate with on-campus clubs!


School: Barnard College 2020

Major: Computer Science & Statistics

Hometown: Tappan, NY

This year, I’m excited... to expand the mentorship program and build a greater CWBS student-alumni network


School: Columbia College 2021 

Major:  Computer Science & Economics

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

This year, I’m excited... to expand outreach and access to CWBS programs, events, and network and to continue growing a supportive community of female leaders!

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School: SEAS 2020

Major: Operations Research Engineering Management Systems

Hometown: Montreal, Canada

This year, I’m excited... to work in a collaborative environment with female leaders to foster and grow CWBS’ reach within the Columbia community