Columbia Women's Business Society (CWBS) was founded in 2003 to establish a pre-professional network specifically for women. Since then, we have grown into the one of the largest pre-professional clubs on Columbia’s campus, specializing in connecting people from all backgrounds with powerful women. As an undergraduate women's organization, we aim to create a business leadership network between Columbia and Barnard students and female professionals in New York City and beyond.

We are committed to helping Columbia women attain their professional goals by providing educational events, networking resources, exposure to career opportunities, and mentoring relationships with successful businesswomen. All our events are open to past and present Columbia students.

Whether you are a student, alum, or professional, we look forward to working with you in continuing CWBS's program. Please visit our Get Involved page to learn even more ways that you can be a part of CWBS!

To find out more about CWBS, feel free to read our organization's constitution.


CWBS is made up of a general body of over 1,000 members, 5 committees, and 11 executive board members.



Executive Board

Made up of eleven women, the Executive Board is responsible for planning events, organizing committees, and maintaining the mission of CWBS.



The five CWBS committees each focus on a vital aspect of CWBS, and use teamwork to improve our club’s reach and garner interest from new and expanding areas.

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General Body

Over 1000 women across Columbia and Barnard's campuses come together for networking, outreach, and mentorship events.